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ESR 1  Quantitative analysis of outflow tract heart valve morphogenesis using light sheet time lapse microscopy

ESR 2 Quantification of cilia mechanodetection during pericardium development using optical tweezers

ESR 3 3D and 3Dt Atlas of cardiac development in the zebrafish with a focus on the valves

ESR 4 Time-lapse 4-D analysis of cardiac development in the mouse

ESR 5 High content screening assay for the identification of chemical compounds enhancing epicardium formation

ESR 6 In-vivo characterization of dynamic myocardial tissue changes in different mammals

WP WP title Start Month End Month TYPE LEAD
1 Research on Cardiac Development and Regeneration 6 48 Research IGBMC
2 Innovation and Technology Transfer 6 48 Tech. Transfer PHILIPS
3 Training of Experts on Bioimaging 6 48 Training CNRS
4 Consortium management 1 48 Management CNIC
5 Communication, Outreach and Dissemination 3 48 Communication CNIC